To make your stay as easy as possible, we've put our house rules at your disposal. It
in case of difficulty during your stay. Signing the
rental contract you agree to the general and special rental conditions,
and the rules and regulations of the 3-apartment gîte.

Article 1 - Our unique "self-catering" formula
Self-catering means that you are self-catering in the gîte without any services
by the owner (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
We provide you with an apartment equipped with rooms with double beds
with double beds (or single beds, on request prior to your arrival), bathroom and WC, kitchen
kitchen, crockery and furniture (tables, chairs, etc.).

Article 2 - Rental period
The gîte is rented to you for a period defined at the time of booking according to the conditions
in your rental contract. The signatory referred to as the "Tenant" has entered into
a contract for a fixed period, and may not under any circumstances invoke any right
under any circumstances.

Article 3 - Arrival / Departure
The Tenant must arrive on the day and at the time specified on the present contract
contract. In the event of late or delayed arrival, the tenant must inform the owner of the
Arrival time: 5:30 pm
Departure time: 10 a.m
Please respect the departure time specified in the contract
must be completed before departure time.

Article 4 - Delivery of access codes
Access codes to the gite will be given exclusively to the person who has signed the
contract. On this occasion, he/she will learn about safety rules, the operation of the
operation of the various appliances (dishwasher, oven, etc.) and we will carry out an
an inventory of fixtures. The person in whose name the gîte rental contract has been
the person in whose name the gîte rental contract has been drawn up is required to apply and enforce the rules below.

Article 5 - Inventory of fixtures and f ittings
The inventory of fixtures and fittings and the inventory of furniture and equipment will be carried out
at the beginning and end of the stay by the owner and the tenant.

Article 6 - Use of the premises
The tenant must respect the peaceful nature of the premises and use them in accordance with their
their intended purpose.
The volume of noise inside the gite (in the apartments and communal areas) must be
be kept to a minimum in order to respect the peace and quiet of the neighborhood. The tenant is responsible for
control the impact of the event or rental in the vicinity of the gite.
In the event of a conflict or complaint, the owner reserves the right to exclude the disruptive
from the gîte.

Article 7 - Services included
Beds are made on arrival. Bathroom linen, cleaning kit and tea towels provided.
Slippers (1 pair per person) are also provided
A welcome gift is included in the price

Article 8 - What to bring ?
The gîte is rented with kitchen equipment, crockery and cutlery
available in the welcome booklet.
For the kitchen, you must bring: tea towels, 20-litre garbage can liners, coffee filters,
sponges and cleaning products for dishes and floors.

Article 9 - Safety standards
You are required to respect the capacity of the gîte.
Here are the maximum capacities for each apartment:
- "Le Bartholdi": 4 people maximum;
- "Le Koïfhus": 6 people maximum;
- "La Petite Venise": 2 people maximum.
No cooking appliances may be added in the kitchen.
No auxiliary heating appliances may be added in the bedrooms
Follow the instructions for use posted on each appliance

Article 10 - Sleeping areas
No sleeping accommodation is permitted outside bedrooms dedicated to sleeping.

Only the 6 bedrooms of the gîte are intended to accommodate the 12 beds provided for in the contract
It is strictly forbidden to install any additional sleeping accommodation (except in exceptional cases
for children under 36 months, which we can supply on request)
on request).
If, during the rental period, the owner observes that the tenant has violated these
infringe these rules, the owner reserves the right to terminate the stay of the persons concerned
concerned by leaving the premises, without any compensation. In the event of damage
consequences will be the sole responsibility of the tenant.

Article 11 - Fire safety
The gîte is equipped with smoke detectors which trigger an alarm in the presence of smoke or an abnormally high temperature
of smoke or abnormally high temperatures. Under no circumstances may these devices be
be disabled by any means whatsoever.
For your information, mini fireworks displays for birthday cakes can
smoke alarms, so it's best not to use them. The
candles can be lit without any problem.
In case of emergency, please call the emergency services (18 for the fire department, 15 for the ambulance, 17 for the police)
for police).
Fire extinguishers have been installed in the common areas
will be reported. The cost of restoring
will be charged to the tenant.

Article 12 - Cigarettes
In accordance with regulations, smoking is strictly forbidden inside the gîte
gîte. In the event of non-compliance, the lessor may request the cleaning of curtains and other measures
other measures to remove the smell.

Article 13 - Animals
Animals are not allowed inside the gîte.

Article 14 - Noise pollution
In the interests of respect for the neighbourhood, it is strictly forbidden to make noise in the evening after 10 pm
and before 8 a.m.

Article 15 - Furniture and equipment
Any damaged or malfunctioning equipment must be reported, and the following amounts will be deducted from the security deposit
will be deducted from the security deposit.

In the event of breakage (particularly of crockery), the owner will deduct from the security deposit
the amount of the new value of the said equipment.
At the end of your stay, please leave the kitchen as clean as you found it on arrival
you found it on your arrival.

Article 16 - Sanitary facilities
Apart from toilet paper, nothing else may be thrown into the toilet bowl.
Wipes of any kind, diapers, tampons, sanitary towels,
wadding sticks, must be disposed of in the garbage cans provided, equipped with
and never in the toilet bowl (please empty the bins before leaving)
before you leave)
In the event of a blockage of the sewage system's lift station pumps
the tenant will be held responsible.

Article 17 - Heating / Electricity
Charges are included in the rental price in the form of fixed rates:
Water, heating, electricity and hot water production for the gîte
Most rooms have LED bulbs.
To limit consumption: a few simple rules: heating should not be set above
above 19°. Water supply is included in the rental price. For
make sure you don't leave the water running unnecessarily. To save on heating
don't leave doors and windows open too long. Remember to
turning off or lowering the heating when you're away.

Article 18 - Breakdown or malfunction
In the event of a breakdown, please contact us either by telephone (call, Whattsapp) or by e-mail
during the entire rental period. Together, we will decide how to proceed
to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. Under no circumstances
be reimbursed for any repairs you have undertaken yourself

Article 19 - Cleaning
Cleaning is provided by the owner, but you must take certain steps
before your departure:
In the kitchen :
- Wash the dishes,
- Empty fridges, wash interior and exterior walls

- Clean cooking appliances, stove top, inside oven and microwave oven
- Clean tables and worktops,
- Store kitchen equipment (see shelf labels),
- Empty garbage cans and bottles into containers,
- Sweep floors.
- Clean up stubborn marks on the floor (wine, food)

Article 20- Household waste
A garbage can located in a dedicated area is provided for the disposal of
waste. Recycled packaging: cardboard, plastic, metal, paper and newspapers
as well as glass must be disposed of in a glass dumpster located some 200 metres away
meters away (see our welcome guide)

Article 21- Internet connection
In the event of use of the gîte's internet connection, the tenant undertakes to respect the laws
laws concerning downloads and site consultation. In the event of a request
authorities, the owner of the gîte will transmit the contact details of the tenant
of the tenant having benefited from the aforementioned connection.

Article 22 - Insurance
The gîte is insured by the owner for civil liability and fire.
The owner declines all responsibility in the event of theft and/or damage to the
property of the tenant and his guests.
The tenant is obliged to take out an insurance policy with his insurance company
liability insurance, known as "VILLEGIATURE", covering all the premises
the premises entrusted to it, for damage such as fire, explosion, water damage
caused by himself or his guests during the rental period
rental period. A certificate of insurance drawn up in the tenant's name must be attached to the rental contract
must be attached to the rental contract, otherwise it will be null and void.
If the certificate is not attached to the contract returned signed by the tenant,
the owner will inform the tenant of the invalidity of the contract by returning the deposit
and may therefore dispose of the gîte.

Article 23- Accidents :
Supervision of children:
Children are the responsibility of their parents throughout their stay.

The owner cannot be held responsible for accidents or damage that may occur in the gîte
damage that may occur in the gîte.

Article 24 - Disputes
The owner reserves the absolute right to terminate, without notice or compensation, any contract
incompatible with the purpose of the premises.
The owner is exonerated from any liability for partial or total performance of the contract
contract resulting from a fortuitous event caused by a third party or an act of force majeure
(natural disasters, fire, water damage, other disasters or serious
prohibitions, terrorist attacks, administrative closures, etc.). All complaints relating to
must be addressed to the owner.

Article 25 - Deposit
A deposit of 750 euros will be requested by bank transfer (a registration link will be sent
by e-mail) at least 7 days before the start of your stay. The deposit will be
returned within a maximum of 2 weeks after departure, after deduction of any sums
deducted, where applicable, for any damage and/or deterioration to the accommodation
furniture and furnishings caused by the tenant.

Article 26 - Tourist tax
The town of Colmar imposes the collection of a tourist tax. The price is set by the town hall
We apply it in strict compliance with the regulations
Payment is made either directly via the reservation platform, or through us

(CB, PAYPAL or cash)